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18. - 28. August 2021 "SUPERNATURAL"in CROATIA

Supernatural: exhibition in kaptenova kula tower gallery in zadar in august 2021

For several years, the Nirma Siesenop has been dealing with the conflict-ridden relationship between man and nature. She addresses both the environmental destruction and the beauty of nature in her abstract landscape paintings. For Nirma Siesenop, artists today have the task of pointing out the destruction of nature. Precisely because nature has always been a source of inspiration for art in the past.

Some of her new abstract landscapes will be exhibited from 18 to 28 August in the Kapetana Kula Gallery in Zadars historic oldtown.

"The conflict between Human mankind and nature - that‘s what I‘ve been exploring with my artwork for some time. All the time I have in my mind how fast we are loosing our beautiful nature because of fast living human behaviors today. I title my works with many languages – sanskrit language or srilankan or english. But still the words have to do with nature. It doesn‘t
„ matter where you are on this earth or which language you talk. It would be sad if in the future only the work of art would be a reminder of the beauty of nature. My vision is to wake up people. Because nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists. Now the goal of art should be to protect this source of inspiration.Thats why we should do something to care of this wonders of the earth"

Jala III, Acrylic on Canvas, 80 x 160 cm, 2021


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