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SuperFine: The Fairest Art Fair

December 1- DAM presents their artists at “

” at 56 NE 29 st, Miami, Fl. Franck de las Mercedes exposes the complexity and static areas of society, Carlos Alves balances disorder with definition in his works on wood with resin as well as his works on paper, Nirma Siesenop discusses the possibility of tranquility at a border, Mario Rossi looks at the geometric borders of life, Rikke Darling gently looks into the melding of colors, Ryan Heuvel examines feminine emotions as they traverse modernity, Pablo Power captures ideas and encapsulates them into polaroid’s as a documentary of expression, Jouanne Roberson plays with vulnerability in the modern world and Preston Brooks exaggerates the feminine form as a documentary of the feminine experience. For more information go to

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